Studying with Kim transformed my Yoga practice from unexceptional and ordinary to one that is strong, focused and precise. More importantly, the environment she creates within her classes has helped me find an inner stillness and peace that I had never experienced before. Her teaching is further enhanced by her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, yoga asana and yoga’s history and it’s literature.
Kim is kind and sensitive and has the ability to extract the best from each of her students, regardless of the level of their practice. Her own practice is strength and poetry in motion.
West Harrington


nadisKim’s training and experience enable her to work with a wide variety of students; she has created practices for people with serious injury and limitations and for those with remarkable athleticism and physical strength.

Whether working with beginning or advanced students, Kim’s passion for movement and self-inquiry informs every session she teaches. She knows from experience that the combination of physicality, awareness and conscious breathing can be uplifting and transformative, and she strives to always create an environment conducive to this. Based on intelligent sequencing & alignment and a love of mindful movement, Kim’s classes set the stage for deep inner peace and a strong connection to the best parts of the Self. She finds the body miraculous and knows it to be a vehicle through which we can find physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Informed by the belief that freedom follows form, Kim helps her students build a strong foundation based on sound alignment principles so that they can, ultimately, soar as Yoga practitioners. She encourages them to embrace themselves completely while also making skillful choices about which parts of themselves they want to develop and nurture, and to take this attitude of acceptance and ability to make good choices “off the mat and into the world”. Her teaching is rooted in mindfulness (paying attention to the present moment) and she has seen firsthand how that mindfulness can lead to clarity, contentment and meaningful relationships with others.

Kim has taught the Yoga Works Method to teachers and aspiring teachers in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Tai Pei and has served as a mentor and teacher in YW’s 300 hour Professional Program. She has completed a Yoga apprenticeship in the Specialized Care Program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and holds certifications in iRest/Yoga Nidra, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, the Wounded Warriors Program and Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up®. She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level.

“Kim is a rare gem – an authentic yoga teacher who combines smart sequencing and an eagle eye for alignment with passion and compassion. She encourages the development of a deeply meaningful practice that is founded on self care and patience, and creates the space for students to rise to their best selves. I always leave Kim’s class with a sense of sthira & sukkha (steadiness and ease) coupled with a quality of softening/letting go. I’m very grateful to have had Kim as one of my 1st teacher trainers and “true” yoga instructors. She is a teacher’s teacher, the kind we return to again and again in order to come back to center and be reminded of why we love yoga. I love her teaching and the way it has influenced the type of practitioner and teacher I am today.”
Sarah Carbone

Private Sessions

Working with a Yoga teacher individually or in a small group can benefit both beginning and advanced students. For beginners, working privately provides preparation for the student to attend a public class without feeling stressed or intimidated. It can also provide a sound foundation upon which a lifelong practice can be built. Private instruction is perfect for those dealing with special health concerns, injuries or any other limitations that might not be accommodated in a public class. A good private teacher will offer modifications for poses that might otherwise be risky or unattainable and will also help determine which poses should be avoided. Your teacher can also guide you toward public classes most appropriate for you.

Private instruction helps intermediate and advanced students refine their practice and/or work toward a specific goal (asana, pranayama, meditation, stress reduction, strength building, etc.). Individual instruction can transform a so-so practice into one that is deeply fulfilling, safe and marked by excellence.

Kim is available for private instruction – please contact her for details.

“Soulful. Intelligent. Passionate. Knowledgeable. Strong. Compassionate. Joyful. Fun. Mindful.
These are some of the words to describe the beauty of Kim’s teaching style. I am thankful to be Kim’s student. She is a wonderful teacher. If you haven’t experienced her teaching, you must find a way to her classes soon.”
Sharon, Level 2-3 student, YogaWorks, South Bay
“Kim Haegele is an amazing and rare teacher in a yoga scene teeming with newbie and “power” yoga teachers. Through her extensive experience, and reverence and love for the practice, she eloquently integrates the finer points of asana with the deeper spiritual underpinnings of yoga. I feel soothed by her gentleness, grounded by her creative and well-articulated descriptions of asana and challenged by what she brings to each class. Kim’s class is a favorite!”
Rachel Murray, psychotherapist and Yoga teacher
“Although I started taking Yoga classes in about 1999, I consider Kim Haegele to be my first real Asana teacher . I’ve been her student for 9 years, and in that time she’s taught me to both practice and teach Yoga. In spite of having to drive far from home to work with her, I do so because she passionately delivers her vast knowledge of the poses, the breath and the philosophy of yoga with clarity, gentleness and compassion. When you are a student of Kim’s you feel loved because she is intuitive and has a warm personal spirit. She will always be my true teacher.”
Kat Tillinghast, MA – Psychology, registered Yoga teacher