I happened across your most wonderful Youtube video “Yoga Fusion Strength & Balance Workout: Beginners Basics” and am adding it to our daily practice for my husband and me. I started yoga a year ago at age 71 and it has changed my body, my attitude and the way I think of myself and the world around me. I am especially grateful to instructors like you who make yoga easy to follow without being competitive or risky. My husband and I are progressing in our practice and feel so much better that even strangers remark how healthy we look. Thanks to yoga, daily walks and spiritual progress I feel that I am waking up to a new attitude about life and everything in it. Namaste, Esther Bauer, Frisco, Texas

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From BeFit:
Yoga Fusion Workout: Total Body Strength & Flexibility
with Kim Haegele is a unique Yoga/Pilates hybrid workout that is designed to burn fat, build power, increase flexibility and improve balance by blending elements of Pilates, core-conditioning and dance with the basics of Hatha Yoga for a complete workout that will help you sculpt a lean body, calm the mind and develop a more graceful way of moving. Tone the arms, chest, shoulders, abs, back, legs, and butt with acclaimed Yoga expert and consultant, Kim Haegele as she takes you through a flowing series of poses that will burn calories, challenge major muscle groups, flatten the midsection, and heal the mind to leave you looking and feeling your best. This result-driven, energizing routine will bring inner focus as you experience the functional effectiveness of Pilates.


From BeFit:
Yoga Fusion Strength & Balance Workout: Beginners Basics
with Kim Haegele is a flowing, 35 minute Yoga workout that is designed to burn fat, sculpt muscle, and tone the body from through a sequence of movements which blends together various fitness disciplines including Pilates, core training, strength conditioning and dance to build a leaner, stronger body and develop a focused mind. Learn key exercises to bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony with Expert Yoga Instructor and Consultant, Kim Haegele. If you are a beginner, this workout will help you build a foundation in Yoga. For the more intermediate Yoga Practitioners, this routine is a great way to start or end your day and master what you already know. Burn unwanted calories and tone the arms, legs, chest, shoulders, abs, back, butt and obliques.

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“I sincerely hope you continue to post yoga workouts with THIS instructor!! She is an EXCELLENT instructor; gives important body awareness cues.”

“She is a great instructor -”

“I felt amazing strength and focus after this video.”

“I have never tried yoga before and have been searching for a good beginners video. I loved this workout. It was challenging but not overly complicated.”

“Love this workout. So relaxing. Will be incorporating this, into my weekly workouts”

“This was beautiful.”

“What a fun workout! So many different moves and so smooth!”

“What a great mix of strength training and yoga. Love it and will do it again!”

“Felt so good after I finished this .” “Lovely video, relaxing voice.”

“I just did yoga with you via video, and you were great! My dog, Joey, barks “Thank you!””

“Amazing, I didn’t even felt the time. Namaste.” “great quick workout :)”

“Thank you for these videos! Please keep them coming :)”

“Love it!”