The choices we make daily have a profound impact on our health. We shape ourselves by how we move our bodies and by what we eat, think, speak and do. It is our task as humans to choose wisely every day, and every moment. It is never too late to start afresh, never too late to look better, feel better or to have an enhanced sense of overall well-being.


Being strong, supple and fit has been a part of Kim’s life since childhood. As a kid, she swam and rode horses
competitively, and studied ballet and gymnastics. As a young adult, her love of modern dance led to a career in
that field. She has also been an avid runner, completed two triathlons, and for several years immersed herself
in bodybuilding.

Kim loves the gym as much as the Yoga studio and became certified by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers in 2001.

Like many of her clients, Kim has dealt with injury and being overweight; she knows what it’s like to to be limited by physical pain and dysfunction and to initiate and follow through on a weight loss program. Like her Yoga teaching and massage work, Kim’s personal training is thorough, safe and produces results. While many of her clients have gyms in their homes, she also works with clients in parks and other outdoor venues, as well as in homes without fitness equipment. Each session is personalized for the client and, in addition to traditional strength training, may include nutritional counsel, and techniques from Yoga, Pilates and Massage Therapy.

“Kim has been our personal trainer and massage therapist for 11 years. She is smart and innovative in her work. Her knowledge of the human body, gained from both education and experience, is impressive and her nutritional counsel has improved our eating tremendously. My wife and I always smile when people tell us how good we look and what great shape we’re in – we attribute this to our work with Kim.”
Mike Lobell, Producer
“I’ve known Kim since 1997 and have experienced her as a massage therapist and personal trainer. A few years ago I found myself carrying about 30 extra pounds. I called Kim, who put me on a program of hiking, weight-lifting and Paleo-based nutrition. I lost 35 pounds and gained muscle mass in just a few months and have remained in good shape since then. In addition, I can honestly say that Kim is the best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with. She has a combination of great training, technique, education and experience along with a magical touch. Kim’s work as a trainer and massage therapist are excellent; I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Eric Bakman, Lulu LLC.