“Kim’s bodywork is amazing. She’s one of those people who has an inherently wonderful touch that, combined with her training and years of experience, results in a massage that is unlike any other. During and after a massage with Kim, I experience intense pleasure, comfort and physical and energetic balance. I can actually feel love coming from her hands.”
Kate Satten, Boulder, Colorado

Massage Therapy


Kim graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (now merged with Naropa University). She practiced privately in Boulder for a decade, with clients ranging from stay-at-home moms to investment bankers and professional athletes. In addition to a thousand hours of training at BCMT, Kim has studied the St. John Method of Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Reiki. When appropriate, Kim also includes aromatherapy in her work.

Although Kim can adapt her bodywork to meet a variety of needs, her work tends to be deep, thorough, connected and therapeutic.

It can be tailored to an individual’s needs and used for general stress reduction and/or specific injuries and conditions. She has been particularly successful in helping clients with neck and/or wrist pain and dysfunction. Her massage practice in Los Angeles also has a varied clientele and has included celebrities, producers, directors, military personnel, professors, other bodyworkers and Yoga students and teachers.

References available upon request

Several years ago, I was struggling with persistent shoulder pain despite visits to my orthopedic surgeon and rheumatologist.  When I mentioned my problem to Kim, she suggested massage.  At that time, I’d only had a handful of massages before, all of which left me relaxed but with no real physical benefits.  My experience with Kim was completely different.  For the first time, I realized that massage could be therapeutic.  Before she even laid hands on me, she asked me detailed questions about my symptoms and medical history.  During the massage, she used her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to communicate what she was doing.  I was impressed by her thoughtfulness and thoroughness.  Most of all, I was grateful that she was able to relieve my pain after one session. After a few more sessions during which she used pressure point therapy, the pain was gone.  Kim is a careful, caring therapist, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering body work.
Jessica Wu, M.D.
“From Los Angeles to Hawaii to Morocco, Kim is the most talented massage therapist I have ever experienced. She is VERY strong, so you never have to worry about wishing you were getting deeper work. At the same time, she knows just when to use a softer touch. Communicating with Kim is easy and comfortable and she encourages you to tell her what you want and need. She is skilled at many different techniques and has a wonderfully multifaceted approach to her work. After just one session I experienced more range of motion and relief from chronic tension. I left feeling lighter and more fluid and free in my own body. She is now a part of my routine therapeutic self-care and is worth every penny. Thank you Kim…you are the BEST of the best!”
Casey, Yoga Therapist

“3 months ago I was lucky enough to be given a 90 minute massage from Kim Haegele. It was life-changing and I have been a regular ever since. I have been looking for a therapist who “just gets it, and Kim does. She understands the body at an expert level, knows the right level of pressure to apply and how long to work in each area, and has an intuitively healing touch. Kim takes the guesswork out of massage – I no longer have to wonder if my therapist will be good or know what I need, because Kim always does. She is the therapist you hope for and dream of when getting bodywork.
I am dealing with a critical, life-threatening illness and body work is an integral part of my treatment and healing plan. I wouldn’t trust my body to anyone else’s hands.”