Seven years ago, I began my journey as part of the esteemed faculty of the YogaWorks Teacher Training Program. My first teacher training opportunity was with Senior teacher Kim Haegele, who helped shape the YogaWorks program. For three months, Kim was there to guide me in learning the YogaWorks teaching system and, in that time, I gained tremendous insight about the qualities needed to be an amazing teacher and facilitator. Kim was always open, honest and passionate, and to this day working with her remains one of my best professional experiences.
Since that first training with Kim, I have gone on to do seventeen Teacher Trainings in diverse locations (Dubai, Las Vegas and all over California). YogaWorks relies on me to be one of their most qualified Trainers; I would not be in this position if it weren’t for the skills I learned while working with Kim. I now find myself training many new teachers and in each and every training I still use the material that I learned from her. We all have special people in our lives who really help us grow and make us who we are, Kim Haegele belongs in that category for me.
Thomas Taubman, YogaWorks teacher and Teacher Trainer
YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training,
Costa Mesa, Ca. 2008
YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training, taught w/John Gaydos, Costa Mesa, Ca. Spring 2008
YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training, taught w/Thomas Taubman, Costa Mesa, Ca. 2008

YogaWorks 4 week intensive 200 hour Teacher Training taught w/Casey Coda, Costa Mesa, Ca. 2008

YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training, mYoga, Hong Kong, Fall 2006
YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training, Philosophy, Costa Mesa, Ca., Winter 2010
YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training, taught w/Carmen Fitzgibbon, Costa Mesa, Ca. 2007
Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training, with fellow assistants Holli Rabishaw and Alexandra Ellis, Santa Monica, Ca. 2014
YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training, mYoga, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong Fall 2006
YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training, California Fitness, Taipei, Taiwan,
Fall 2006
Core Strength presentation to YgaWorks Teacher Trainers, Santa Monica, Ca. 2007
I learned so much from you during our teacher training. I miss taking class from you, your physical grace and humility, your beautiful voice. I still sing the chants we learned with my children and I still read the poems you read to us….it all means so much to me. Your light and your truth came shining through always. Thank you for being a teacher and a mentor.
Heather Lewis Drageset.
I had the wonderful good fortune of having Kim as my teacher while earning my 200 hour teaching certificate from YogaWorks. Kim’s precise alignment instructions, coupled with her intelligent and innovative sequencing is beyond compare. I‘ve loved every minute of every class I’ve ever taken with Kim.
Lesley Fightmaster
It is so often that I come back to the things you taught during Philosophy in Teacher Training. Thank you for speaking to my heart in a way that is still unfolding 4 years later.
Shannon Schafer